Jibril Prayer Necklace

Jibril Prayer Necklace

Product Code:KR100016
  • 225.00₺

The product is our own manufacture and is 925 Sterling silver.

Necklace diameter 1.5 cm width 2.5 cm length

Chain length 55 cm

The prayer that Gabriel (as) recited to treat the Prophet when they became ill.

It is a virtuous prayer for the Nazar to be recited to get rid of diseases with the permission of Allah.

Its pronunciation; "Bismillahi arkıyke min servant thing, yu'zike min evil servant soul, house is the same hasidin, Allahu yeşfike Bismillahi arkıyke."

Turkish Meâli; "In the name of Allah, I read to you from everything that annoys you, from all kinds of evil and evil eyes that disturb you. May Allah heal you from every soul or the evil of every envious eye. I wish you protection in the name of Allah ..."

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